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Built by Publiq for the Public.

The world doesn’t
stop when you build.

Adjusting public places means considering those who are affected at every step. Our goal is to build life-changing spaces, that inspire people, businesses and the community to thrive and grow. 

Who are we?

Specialising in industrial and commercial construction, Publiq
has become a trusted partner for new builds, renovations and refurbishment. We work in the sectors touching communities the most, such as Healthcare, Education and Government.

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Why Publiq?
Here’s our promise to you.


We find the right solutions for your needs, no matter how big or small.  We are the builders that care.


We’re tried and tested in industries where timeliness, compliance, safety, security and privacy are non-negotiable. We’ll never make you wait; we know the importance of prompt responses in keeping builds and relationships on track.


We bring you the assurance of more than 30 years’ experience building with the community, for the community. We have both the track record and the tools to meet and exceed your quality expectations.

Public places
built with care.