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Hi Team Chubb,

Over the past few years, my team at AJ Grant Commercial Building (now Publiq Commercial) in Western Australia, have had the privilege of providing Domestic & Commercial Insurance Repair solutions to Insured customers via your partners at Procare Claims Management (alongside our other direct Insurance relationships). This includes a number of Chubb Building Repair claims. Across a sample of 30 of our jobs completed for Procare claims management (including 7 Chubb claims) our average turn around time was 12 weeks from award date to project completion (handover) , with an average job quantum of $53K.

Much to our delight, Procare Claims Management appreciate the work we did, and have encouraged and endorsed us to approach you directly to explore a more close knit relationship between CHUBB & AJ Grant.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to be appointed a project more directly by Chubb, on a commercial project due for completion in the new year.

Appreciating we are not currently a direct panel member; we want to express our heartfelt desire to forge a relationship with Chubb Western Australia. To support this, in the meantime, we at AJ Grant Building (now Publiq Commercial) have set about ensuring we can add as much value as possible, on the Chubb claims we are allocated, via your partners at Procare Claims Management.

We are a national builder, with a 30 year track record of success. We have an embedded local Western Australian footprint and pride ourselves in being “the builders that care”. The biggest litmus test for us, as a BAU & CAT building repair & make safe/ restoration provider, is when we are endorsed by a third party (Procare Claims Management), and are able to demonstrate a reputation of:

  • Providing excellent Insured customer outcomes
  • Remediating & resolving claims that had gone off the best path for the customer & Chubb (receiving reallocations from other builders)
  • Achieving strong completion & pricing outcomes
  • Being viewed as a trusted resource to one of your existing partners (Procare)

Which is why we are providing this overview of our capability, team, experience and values. We would love to take on more of the tricky work for you; and potentially forge a direct relationship (resulting in allocations) supported by and endorsed by your panel partners at Procare Claims management.

Thank you,

Jesse Waters
Regional Manager
AJ Grant Commercial (WA)
M 0428 865 982


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