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Our Support Functions

  • Best in market 27/7 make safe team (after hours management) 
  • National CAT Response and management of claims $0 – $1M
  • 8am to 8pm extended Call Centre hours nationally 
  • Online Bookings project
  • Online Excess payments including flexible payment options (CC, PayPal, Afterpay, Payright)
  • Proactive & automated communication via sms, email, and dedicated event webpages
  • Fully managed E2E claims via National Call Centre
  • BuildPro Ecomm “Await Maintenance” alternative, including interest free Repair Now Pay Later options.

Dedicated national insurance divisions 


  • Make Safe/Restorations Team
  • Rectifications Team
  • Assessing Structure


  • Claims Assistant
  • Completions Team
  • Submissions Team


  • Customer Excellence Centre
  • Strategic Partnership and Procurement

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