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Professional Teachers’ Council NSW Article

Publiq Commercial is proud to be the first official sponsor of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW.

We strongly believe this partnership is a testament to the values that have banded us together and we look forward to a prosperous year!

You can follow the Professional Teachers’ Counsel on Facebook and Instagram or at

In the Community

At Publiq Commericial we love supporting our local communities through leadership, fundraising and charity events. We care about our clients, our staff and the work we deliver and are thrilled to have this opportunity to sponsor the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW.

PTC Annual Awards Night 2021

Deborah Chegwidden & Paul McGroder from AJ Grant sat down with PTC at their annual Awards Night to discuss the new partnership,

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PTC Annual Awards Night 2022

Kate Ward Head of Sales sat with Deauvanne Javis Marketing and Promotions Manager of PTC to discuss the continued partnership with the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW